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Tips to Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

dr. evans tips coronavirus

Hi, I’m Dr. Mark Evans, psychologist, at Family Success Consortium. I wanted to send out a message to people with some basic strategies for coping with Coronavirus Anxiety and helping ourselves get through all the changes in the turmoil that are incumbent with a change situation. Dr. John ForSyth at the University of New York…

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Practicing Self Love During Holidays

holiday blues

The holidays can be a busy and stressful time. Regardless of religious affiliation, studies show that during this time of year, many people come down with depression or as some may call it the holiday blues. What are the holiday blues and what are some common symptoms? According to the NAMI, the holiday blues can…

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Anxiety Reduction Techniques

anxiety reduction techniques

  Anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults. In fact, the Anxiety & Depression Association of America says that anxiety disorders are the most common of mental illness. There are six different types of anxiety disorders.  People who have anxiety typically have varying degrees of intensity. If you have anxiety, chances are there are times you…

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