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Practice Areas

Family Success Consortium is a group practice offering individual, couples, and family psychotherapy. All of our psychologists are trained to assess and treat a broad range of presenting concerns, including things like depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. In addition, each of our psychologists has specialty areas around which they have developed a more structured treatment program.

Christian & Religious Counseling

Many clients come to Family Success Consortium looking for a Christian counselor- that is, one who at the least, understands and respects their uniquely Christian values and beliefs. For many this includes the belief in the importance of the marriage commitment and the desire to instill Christian values in their children. Others, having been ‘burned’ in their encounters with clergy or the church are looking for someone who will understand the social, psychological, and political systems that Christian community can engender. They are looking for a safe place to receive healing from abuse or because of their past faith experiences. Still others are looking for an integration of Christian principles into the actual therapy process, including prayer or references to the Scriptures. They want their counselor to be more than just a believer in name, but in everyday practice.

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Many people learn to overextend themselves in their relationships, doing for others things that the friend or family member could or should do for themselves. Often, this over-extension is seen as ‘just helping’ the other person, when in reality, it is anxiety-based and a form of subtle control. This pattern of relating is typical of those in relationship with a person who is struggling with an addiction (alcohol,sex, drug or gambling) or some other compulsive behavior. At Family Success Consortium, we can help you change this unhealthy pattern of relating to others, leading you to feel less tension and anxiety in your relationships, and create more positive interactions.

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Fatherhood Program

Do you want to feel more connected to your kids? Do you feel like you don’t have a good road map for being the father you want to be? Would you like to learn more about how to bring your full heart into your role as father?

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Our Underachievement Program is a structured therapy program designed to empower the underachiever to develop ownership, optimism, and successful opportunities in life. Most underachievers fall into one of four psycho-emotional stages of development, but by definition, all underachievers are performing below their potential. At Family Success Consortium, we can help your child change this destructive pattern.

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Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment is an integral aspect of the work of a psychologist, and a strength of the team of psychologists at Family Success Consortium. Unlike many other mental health professionals, psychologists have extensive training in the delivery and interpretation of psychological tests and are equipped to use the results of testing to develop recommendations for future treatment. There are different types of psychological tests, including achievement, intellectual, neuropsychological, and personality tests, and the test, or combination of tests used, depends upon the individual’s presenting concern.

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Child & Adolescent Psychology

As children grow at different rates, at different times, so a child’s brain develops. These developmental differences occur in different areas of the brain and it is critical to understand these developmental differences in order to obtain the best care for your child and student. Being able to anticipate developmental patterns empowers a child and their parents to build healthy self-esteem and forge a future of success and positive relationships.

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Marital & Couples

Family Success’s couples program provides an atmosphere of listening and understanding while helping you identify and achieve your goals.

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Family Services

At Family Success Consortium, we place a high priority on families, and believe that helping families achieve success is often more beneficial than focusing on a single family member. In fact, often times a child will be singled out as the ‘identified patient,’ but once insight is gained into the child’s difficulties, it becomes clear that their problems are actually reflections of broader family problems and painful patterns of relating. Left unaddressed, these painful family patterns tend to cause withdrawal, anxiety, or out of control behaviors. Families can become disconnected or simply coexist in a state of tension.

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