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Marital & Couples

Family Success’s couples program provides an atmosphere of listening and understanding while helping you identify and achieve your goals. In addition FSC program:

  • Works with you in a positive and safe environment.
  • Emphasizes active solutions.
  • Uses and expands the existing strengths in your own partnership.
  • Increases self and partner awareness and growth.
  • Couples Assessment.marital3

This program can help you and your partner…

  • Communicate your needs more clearly.
  • Understand yourself and your partner more fully.
  • Appreciate your partner and yourself as mutual teachers and learners.
  • Deepen your relationship connection.
  • Recognize the effects of your family of origin on your relationship.

Program Philosophy

  • Every couple comes together for a reason.
  • We meet as incomplete beings longing for union with ourselves and another.
  • We connect with each other because we have something very important to learn about ourselves.
  • The learning is part of the lifelong journey toward wholeness.
  • We are each other’s teacher.
  • It is within the crucible of the couple that the fires of awareness, knowledge, and eventually wisdom are fanned and inflamed, sometimes withered and dampened, but with a continual push toward growth and wholeness.
  • It is truly only through another’s eyes that we can fully know ourselves.

Read more about FSC psychologists who specialize in this practice area:

John M. Tidd, Psy.D.

Margaret J. Rinck, Ed.D

James D. Kelly, Ph.D.

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