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Many people learn to overextend themselves in their relationships, doing for others things that the friend or family member could or should do for themselves. Often, this over-extension is seen as ‘just helping’ the other person, when in reality, it is anxiety-based and a form of subtle control. This pattern of relating is typical of those in relationship with a person who is struggling with an addiction (alcohol,sex, drug or gambling) or some other compulsive behavior. At Family Success Consortium, we can help you change this unhealthy pattern of relating to others, leading you to feel less tension and anxiety in your relationships, and create more positive interactions.

Dr. Margaret Rinck, Ph.D. has had many years of experience working with people who struggle in this area of codependency. Her book called Can Christians Love Too Much? Breaking The Cycle of Codependency has been printed in English and German. In it she outlines a plan for recovery from dysfunctional care-taking. In therapy, she guides clients through a similar process so that they may achieve their goal of freedom from codependency.

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