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Christian & Religious Counseling

Christian Counseling

Many clients come to Family Success Consortium looking for a Christian counselor- that is, one who at the least, understands and respects their uniquely Christian values and beliefs. For many this includes the belief in the importance of the marriage commitment and the desire to instill Christian values in their children. Others, having been ‘burned’ in their encounters with clergy or the church are looking for someone who will understand the social, psychological, and political systems that Christian community can engender. They are looking for a safe place to receive healing from abuse or because of their past faith experiences. Still others are looking for an integration of Christian principles into the actual therapy process, including prayer or references to the Scriptures. They want their counselor to be more than just a believer in name, but in everyday practice.

For all these clients, Dr. Margaret J. Rinck, Ed.D. provides the care they are looking for here at FSC. She is an ordained clergy-person as well as being a psychologist. Dr. Rinck is seminary trained and certified to administer Theophostic Prayer Ministry. She is a member of the Evangelical Church Alliance, and attends Crossroads Community Church in Cincinnati. She has written a book about abuse in the Christian community so she understands the good as well as the destructive impact faith communities can have.

Dr. Rinck individualizes each person’s therapy according to what they are looking for and what needs they express. Thus each session is tailored to the goals the client has set both psychologically and spiritually. The process includes assessment, goal setting, education, homework, bibliotherapy, and where appropriate, prayer and listening quietly to God together.

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Margaret J. Rinck, Ed.D

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