Cincinnati Couple’s Guide to Marital Fitness During the Holidays

cincinnati holiday couples guide

‘Tis the season for busyness. Even though the holidays can be an exciting time, it also can be very stressful. All of the outside demands can be taxing on a relationship.  During this season, it is especially important to prioritize being connected to one another as a couple. Here are ideas with a local Cincinnati twist to keep your marriage in shape during the holidays.

Tips to Stay Connected During the Holidays

Get on the same page in advance: Start communicating to one another your expectations, your likes, your dislikes and what you would like to see happen over the holiday season. Ensuring you are both on the same page will help you to be able iron out any differences in advance.  For example, maybe you do not like to spend time with a certain toxic family member. Communicate this to your partner so you can come up with a plan to handle it.

Do not forget to be intimate & Intentional: One of the first things that is likely to go out the window during a busy time is intimacy. Be intentional about listening to your spouse. What does your spouse need? Make an extra effort to communicate to them in their love language. If your partner’s love language is touch, look for opportunities to hold their hand or hug them. If your partners love language is service be sure to ask them how you can of extra help to them. Maintaining intimacy is a learned skill. Many couples struggle in the intimacy area. If this is you, be sure you seek out the professional help your relationship needs.

Do not overcommit yourselves: Try not to make last minute plans. Knowing what you have goingon in advance will help to make sure you are able to get adequate rest and thetime together you need. If you schedule too much you could be at risk forgetting burned out and some even suffer from the “holiday blues”

Spend quality time with each other: Sometimes it can be a challenge to come with fresh date night ideas; especially during the colder months.

Cincinnati winter date ideas

Pictures: First- Dinner Detective Cincinnati, Second- Joseph Beth Bookstore, Third- Fountain Square

Here is a list of winter Cincinnati date night suggestions:

  1. Fountain Square Ice-Skating Rink: This is a great budget-friendly date at only $10 a person for admission and skates rental. Hold hands while going around the rink. Take a break and snuggle up in the warming tent. Fountain Square also has a ton of special events. Check out their annual events calendar for upcoming events. They even have an awesome get-together celebration for New Year’s Eve. 
  2. Dinner Detective Cincinnati: Take dinner to the next level by adding a little mystery to it. Dinner Detective provides a 4-course meal and prize package. The actors are planted in the audience among the guests. There’s even an option called the SuspectPackage (based upon availability) to involve your date in the show without their knowledge. Use promo code: SLEUTH101to get 10% off your package.
  3. Cheers to Art: Play Picasso by attending an art class together.
  4. The Friendly Market Take a trip to the market and take home some new ingredients to try out a new recipe with one another.
  5. Flavors of the Queen City:  If you’re a foodie couple, come explore Cincinnati’s culinary history by taking a romantic food tour.
  6. Joseph Beth Bookstore Cincinnati Start a good conversation by cracking open a few good books together. Pick out books for each other and make an evening of it by dining at the bookstore’s attached restaurant called Bronte Bistro.
  7. The Learning Kitchen Pickup some new culinary skills to take home and take a cooking class together.

Give a thoughtful gift: In the season of gift-giving give a gift from the heart.

Couples gifts cincinnati

Pictures: First-Gifts at Rookwood pottery, Second- Couple at The Candle Lab Cincinnati Third-Gifts at Queen City Alchemy

Here’s a list of some local shops where you can find the right gift to fit your partner:

Pic: Rookwood Pottery Gift Set
  1. Rookwood Pottery If your partner likes handcrafted art pieces, this is a great place to shop. All of the pieces are made in-house and are made by one of a kind artists. Check out this beautiful marble woodcutting board.
  2. Everybody’s Records Maybe your other half is into music? If so, stop by Everybody’s. No matter what their taste in music, you most likely will find what you’re looking for.  
  3. Fern  Make your house a little greener by getting your spouse a trendy plant or gift a class so they can show off their creativity in designing plants.
  4. The candle lab: Make yourself apart of the gift by creating it. Here you can pour your own candle, create your own scented body lotion or craft a special room spray. Bring your other half along to create a new memory as you DIY gifts for one another. 
  5. Queen City Alchemy Check out this shop right outside of Findlay Market to choose a unique handmade gift from local artisans or gift your love with a pampering skincare set. In the space also is an artist who sells hand-painted signs. Not to mention, they also have DIY classes you could give as a gift.  
  6. Mica12/V This store was voted City Beat’s best gift shop and boutique.It is a great place to find a keepsake for your sweetheart as it has everythingfrom local art to unique kitchen finds.

Even in the busyness of the season if you stop for a moment and above all remember to give of yourself, it will help to deepen your bond with one another. We wish you the best this holiday season and in the new year to come.