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Through our years in practice, we’ve come across some great mental health resources that we’d love to share with you.They will help you to be more informed about mental health disorders & provide you with reliable educational resources to help.

mental health help by topic


Adoption and Infertility

The National Infertility Association-Organization

Anxiety Disorders

How Psychologists Help with Anxiety Disorders- Article

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder

The National Resource Center on ADHD- Organization

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Guide- Article

Depression & Bi-Polar Disorder

Aging & Depression-Article

General Psychology

American Psychological Association-Organization 

How to Find Help Through Seeing a Psychologist- Article

Learning Disorders

Dyslexia- Organization 

Aspergers Syndrome- Organization

Marriage Family & Parenting Issues

Making Step Families Work – Article

Parenting Being Super Mom Stressing you Out?- Article

Fatherhood & Healthy Behaviors for Families- Article

Single Parenting & Today’s Families- Article

Stress & Anger

How Stress Affects your Health- Article

Exercise Fuels the Brains Stress Buffers- Article

Substance Abuse & Dependence

Center For Addiction Treatment- Organization 

Alcoholics Anonymous- Organization 

Smart Recovery- Organization 

Understanding Alcohol Use Disorders & Treatment- Article

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Cincinnati mental health resources




Crossroads Community Church- Organization 

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital- Organization 

Cincinnati Academy of Professional Psychologists- Organization 

Talbert House- Organization 

Ohio Valley Branch of the International Dyslexia Association- Organization 

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